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Innolux Mesa Bright light lamp

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The prize winning Mesa bright light lamp by Innolux has a light intensity of 10,000 lux and thus approaches the intensity of indirect sunlight on a cloudless day.

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Mesa bright light lamp | Innolux

Innolux Mesa is an efficient, stylish and safe bright light device. The device is pleasant to use and it provides a powerful light without straining the eyes. Thanks to the
top-quality components, Mesa will last more than 10 years of usage without maintenance.
With its practical handle, Mesa is easy to move around. The powder-coated body is of zinc-electroplated steel.
The device has an adjustable support, and it may be hung on the wall. Innolux Mesa has achieved the best category, i.e., 5 stars, in a comparative test of bright light devices
published by the Finnish technology magazine Tekniikan maailma.

Technical information |
Size: H 635 mm W405 mm D 110 mm
Therapy distance: 140 cm (2500 lx), 70 cm (10 000 lx)
Power: 85 W
Lamp base: dimmableLED
Material: steel, acryllic
Including light source: Yes
Weight: 5,3 kg
Cord lenght: 3 m

Innolux and light therapy

In the Innolux light therapy collection you can find stylish, medical bright light devices.
A bright light device efficiently compensates for lack of natural light in the dark season.Studies also show that bright light therapy helps increase daytime energy levels
and alertness and maintain good work flow and motivation.

How to use a brigt light device
Treatment time: 15-30 min per day (e.g. while having breakfast or lunch, reading or watching television)
Therapy distance: 30-60 cm
Usage 5-10 days in the morning or around noon (usually not in the evening)

Red light therapy involves red light (600-700 nm), which is one of the wavelengths of sunlight and near infrared (850 nm), which is invisible to the naked eye.
The red light device emits red and near-infrared light from close range and penetrates the body at the cellular level, causing numerous positive health effects. Most light
wavelengths, such as ultraviolet and blue, do not extend beyond the skin’s surface layers or are absorbed in them completely.
Red light and near-infrared light penetrate more deeply than the surface of the skin, thus reaching the cell mitochondria, which are responsible for cellular respiration.
Cellular energy production (ATP) is activated as the cells receive more nutrition and the body functions more efficiently.
Clinical studies have found no undesirable side effects of red light therapy or overdoses of it. Red light therapy, which does not use dangerous UV rays or excess heat,
has been proven a safe treatment option.

How to use a red ligt device
Treatment time: 2-15 min per day
Therapy distance: 10-50 cm
Approx. 5-7 times per week

Innolux at North Sea Design

North Sea Design is an official dealer of the Finnish design lighting brand Innolux.
Are you curious about the bright light lamps? You are most welcome during opening hours in Vorden (GE). Here you will find various models on display.
Or make an appointment so that we can provide you with extensive information and advice about the Innolux lighting, the daylight lamps and Innolux red light therapy lamps.

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