Pappelina Rug Molly Petrol

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Molly Petrol from the permanent collection of Pappelina is now also broadloom - Molly striped rug in warm vibrant colors for each room or kitchen

Pappelina Molly Petrol

With it´s vibrant and lively colors the plastic rug Molly Petrol will give your favourite room a real face lift in just a few seconds. The plastic rug is from the Swedish company Pappelina and it is available in the sizes 70x100 cm, 70x200 cm, 70x300 cm and 70x400 cm. There is a size for any room, use the rug as a bathroom rug, hallway rug or kitchen rug.
The colored stripes in blue, orange and gray tones, make the rug fit attractively into any home.

Made in Dalarna, Sweden. Woven on a traditional loom using wooden shuttles. Very practical and easy-to-care-for rug in Swedish manufactured PVC. Welded ribbon for strength and durability, with embossed Pappelina logo, at both edges. Measurements may vary ±4% as a result of the various craft processes our rugs are undergoing during manufacturing.

PVC ribbon, polyester warp


  • Hand or machine wash cold, 30°C.
  • No spin and no tumble dry.
  • Do not wreck the welded edges.
  • If necessary, shape by stretching in wet condition. 
    Preferably dry flat. If hung please use a wide bar.
  • Rinse off ketchup immediately, do not rub!
Use an appropriate sized washing machine. Rule of thumb is max 70 x 250 cm rug for a 6 kg washing machine.

Pappelina’s rugs are manufactured in Sweden from Swedish plastic foil. The plastic foil PVC ribbon is made in southern Sweden by the company Gislaved Folie AB. New raw plastic is used to manufacture the foil, which ensures that no environmentally hazardous heavy metals or harmful softeners make their way into our rugs.

The supplier of our plastic foil ribbon is environmentally aware, its competitive edge being its ongoing development in this area. In 1995, it received ISO 9001 quality certification and two years later received ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

Our rugs are 90% plastic foil ribbon and 10% warp thread, which are woven together according to old Swedish tradition on well-tended looms from the fifties. The warp is made from polyester manufactured in Germany.

A Pappelina rug is durable, will maintain its colour and requires minimal care.

We follow all regulations and requirements set by Sweden and the EU, where strict environmental rules apply. Most of these are set by ECHA* through the REACH regulation, which was put in place to reduce the health and environmental risks posed by chemicals.

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