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Rug Vera Black

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Pappelina Rug Vera in white with black dots, the rug is reversible, so also in black with white circles. Rug Vera is 70 cm wide and available in several lengths at North Sea Design online and can be viewed in our store in Vorden.

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Pappelina Rug Vera Black

For Pappelina it all began with VERA! Since its debut, VERA has achieved remarkable success,
selling over 150,000 rugs worldwide. Its iconic design continues to bring joy and character to countless homes
around the globe. VERA's ability to evoke a sense of playfulness and contemporary charm makes it
a cherished centerpiece in many homes worldwide.

And what a difference when you turn the Vera rug! Do you even fancy a lighter rug or do you just want a change?
With the reversible Ilda rug from Pappelina you have two rugs in one.

Vera exemplifies the renowned quality that defines Pappelina. Each rug is expertly woven using premium materials,
ensuring a luxurious feel underfoot and exceptional durability that withstands the test of time.
Easy to care for and clean with only using water. Machine washable.

It may happen that 1 or more colors of the largest rugs have a longer delivery time, please contact us for the exact delivery time.

You are always welcome in our store to experience the Pappelina rugs before purchasing.
We have several Pappelina rugs in different sizes, colors and designs in the showroom in Vorden (GE).
If you want to be sure that a rug can be viewed in our store, please feel free to contact us.

Use a Pappelina rug outside
You can certainly also use a Pappelina rug outside.
The rugs are UV-resistant, after a few years in the sun the colors will fade a bit; black and red are the most sensitive.
Make sure the rug dries completely from time to time. Also make sure that if you want to bring the rug indoors in the winter, it is thoroughly dry.
In a sunny orangery, the carpet will get too hot, it will not melt, but the structure can change over time.

The Vera pattern by Pappelina

When VERA was launched bynPappelina in August 2002, it brought a groundbreaking design concept
to the world of rugs. With its large round circle and unique two-in-one concept, VERA captivated audiences
with its innovative approach to coloration. By simply flipping the rug, you could reveal a reversed color scheme,
adding a playful twist to its contemporary pattern.
Confident in its ability to transcend trends and stand the test of time, Pappelina released VERA in eight captivating colors:
Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Nougat, Orange, and Grey. Among these original hues, Black, Red, and Orange
remain as popular choices to this day, a testament to their enduring appeal.
As an iconic and bestselling design, VERA symbolizes Pappelina's dedication to pushing the boundaries
of rug design while maintaining a timeless appeal.
The rug has high UV resistance and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How are Pappelina rugs made?

The Pappelina rugs are environmentally friendly produced in Dalarna, Sweden. Woven on a traditional loom using wooden shuttles.
New raw plastic is used to manufacture the foil, which ensures that no environmentally hazardous heavy metals
or harmful softeners make their way into our rugs.
The rug can be washed at a hand washing program and must be dried lying.

PVC has an extremely long lifespan. A Pappelina rug lasts for many years as long as our recommended care instructions are followed.
This is an important environmental aspect, our carpets are not a wear and tear product that end up being thrown away into the natural environment.
Read here more about the durability of a Pappelina rug.

Care instructions:
Rule of thumb is max 70 x 250 cm rug for a 6 kg washing machine.
To be washed cold 30°C and preferably dried flat (no spin or tumble dry).
If hung please use a wide bar.
Rinse off ketchup immediately, do not rub!
Larger models can be washed in a bath, rinsing light stains.
Hang to dry, if necessary, shape by stretching in wet condition.


  • affordable, strong and durable.
  • hygienic and anti-allergic, so also ideal for the nursery and bedroom.
  • do not contain heavy metals or plasticisers and do not release toxic gases in the event of fire.
  • the rugs are relatively heavy and barely slide.
  • dust and sand traps right through
  • the carpets are easy to clean and can even be machine washed.
  • feels comfortable, even barefoot.
  • the rugs can be used on both sides;
  • high UV resistance

Con: Measurements may vary ±4% as a result of the various craft processes our rugs are undergoing during manufacturing.

Pappelina at North Sea Design

North Sea Design is official dealer of the Swedish brand Pappelina with an online webshop and trendy store
with showroom in Vorden (Achterhoek).
Next to the Vera rugs we deliver home accessories like throw pillows, outdoor cushions and blankets
from the trendy Scandinavian interior brand.
Be inspired by the many rugs in our shop with different designs, colors and sizes.
You're welcome to visit us during opening hours or do not hesitate to make an appointment;
we're happy to advise you in choosing from the large collection of Pappelina rugs.

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