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House of Finn Juhl Circle Rug

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The Circle Rug from House of Finn Juhl is handmade in 100% wool from New Zealand sheep. Round, square or rectangular in four beautiful Sixties color combinations and available in different sizes. Stunning, attractive and very comfortable.

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Undyed Circle Rug | House of Finn Juhl

In 1963, Finn Juhl designed a series of characteristic circle patterns for the Danish company Vittrup Tæpper (Vittrup Rugs). However,
the rugs didn’t make it into production at the time but were finally revived by House of Finn Juhl in 2015.

There are also three neutral versions, the Undyed series, in square or rectangular format.
They stand in calm and warm contrast to Finn Juhl's bold furniture.

Finn Juhl's original drawings of the circular patterns show various color combinations - some are extremely colorful and eye-catching,
while others are neutral and calm in their expression. Look for the Circle Rug in color at the related products on our website, at the bottom of this page.

The natural Undyed rugs are all monochrome and come in three gradients; 'Chalk', 'Sandstone' and 'Clay'.
The circular pattern is caused by the height difference of the pile. The special technique for this is called Cut-Loop 3D and creates the optical illusion
that the carpets are multicolored. In reality, this is simply due to the impacts being seen from above and from the side.
This weaving technique is not only elegant, but also increases the durability of the rugs.
Furthermore, the rugs come with a non-slip backside.

Dimensions |
Length 175 cm and 245 cm
Width 175 cm

Materials |
No concessions are made with regard to the use of materials for the furniture by Finn Juhl. You can count on the best quality.
The three rugs are made from 100% undyed yarn, spun by pure and new wool sourced from New Zealand.
The wool from the sheep is thus sorted by colour, ensuring uniform but natural nuances.
The undyed yarn has not been cleaned chemically, leaving it with an authentic expression from nature and a high concentration of lanolin.
Lanolin is the natural oil in wool, which also contributes to the resistance towards dirt and stains.

Combining House of Finn Juhl Circle Rug

The Circle Rugs by Finn Juhl may be clearly visible and are beautiful in a nicely decorated seating area with, for example, the Poet Sofa,
the France Chair and the Pelican coffee table.
Or, for example, choose the round Finn Juhl rug with only the Pelican Chair and Pelican Coffee Table and create a
place to relax.

Finn Juhl Organic Danish Design

The Danish modernist Finn Juhl may have been the designer with which organic forms are most visible in his furniture design.
Like other modernist pioneers, Juhl started from scratch with no role models or hereditary limitations.
He designed by measuring and analyzing his own body and how the individual parts of the chair should support the human body.
And unlike his contemporaries, with their streamlined, scaffold-like structures, Juhl strove for a more organic,
natural shape.
The potential strength of the wood was used to the maximum, just like it occurs during the natural growth process of a tree.
As Finn Juhl translated his ideas into bold, smooth joinery where every element of the design flows seamlessly into another,
he also set very high standards for the furniture makers who had to make the design.
The result is visible in beautifully refined, sculptural and iconic work that has been supplied exclusively by House of Finn Juhl
since its restart in 2001.
North Sea Design is an official dealer and has the Finn Juhl Pelican Chair, the Finn Juhl Sideboard
and the Finn Juhl 109 Chair in the showroom.

Finn Juhl Circle Rug at North Sea Design

North Sea Design is an official dealer of the Danish design furniture brand House of Finn Juhl and has the Circle Rug on view.
In addition to these carpets, we supply all products.
All wood, upholstery and leather samples of our Scandinavian design furniture are available in our showroom in Vorden in the Achterhoek.
We are happy to inform you about all the possibilities that House of Finn Juhl offers.
North Sea Design is the Scandinavian design specialist in the Achterhoek. Visit us during opening hours or contact us
for an appointment at a time that is more convenient to you.

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